Fisticuffs Slots

fisticuffs slotsNow what could this game be about? Fisticuffs is certainly a unique title, and it comes from the NetEnt stable of games, so you know instantly you are in for a good time.

Of course, the theme is boxing, and with a chance to win as many as 100,000 coins, it is definitely worth taking a closer look.

What combination of reels and paylines could you expect to see?

This is a nice game as it has five reels, but only 10 paylines. That’s quite a small number, which makes it easier to put up a higher bet per line if you wish – or at least to cover them all for a low bet.

How much can you bet on Fisticuffs?

Choose from a cent to a dollar, plus a number of bet amounts in-between. You also have 10 levels of coins to choose from – basically that means one to 10 coins per line.

Does this slot game have some special symbols in play?

It does. There are two wilds – a straight wild and a diagonal wild. Both are boxers. The straight ones appear on the middle reel. The diagonal one can pop up on the second or fourth reels. If these appear close to each other (according to the rules) one will punch the other and cause extra wilds to appear on the screen.

The standard wild has the word wild written on it. You can also get stacked wilds on either of the end reels whenever you have a re-spin.

Does Fisticuffs have a bonus round?

Not as such, but you will see a boxing feature from time to time. If you get the two boxer wilds on the reels either next to each other or diagonally across from each other, you’ll get a re-spin and additional wilds added to the reels as well. This means you could end up enjoying some great prizes, simply because there are more wilds on the reels.

Download Fisticuffs and enjoy playing this slot game today!

It can take a while to get used to how the various wilds work in this game. However, the best way to work it out is to play the game in practice mode. When you do this, you can see how the various features work and how the re-spins work as well. You may get some pretty good prizes, and when you play for real you will know what to expect.